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This study examines the input from many DITA students to see if the program has proven useful over the years.  Quality training provides valuable skills to increase performance.  As many know, there is a significant discrepancy regarding the training mandated and received by prosecution-oriented and criminal defense investigators.  This leads to one of the many imbalances within the criminal justice system. 

 This evaluation of DIA’s Defense Investigator Training Academy’s (DITA) effectiveness is crucial to the profession of criminal defense, as it is one of the only academy trainings for defense investigators in California and throughout the nation.  The research looks at what students learned and their ability to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to their job.  Students reported they overall enjoyed the DITA trainings, learned the material that was intended, were able to apply the new knowledge and skills learned to their job, and ultimately felt that their work improved.  The study concludes the DITA program is effective and provides employees with knowledge and skills to help them grow as investigators.

* Special thanks to Investigator Sheree Martinek for conducting the study and sharing the results.

Holding up the organization

DIA’s Presidents and Executive Board have worked over the years to maintain and build upon the trainings and efforts of the prior board.  Pictured above are some of DIA’s past presidences at the seminar celebrating DIA’s 50th Anniversary in Catalina.

(Presidents pictured above: Josie Ceniceros, Scott Gould, Leticia Macias, Pascual Benitez, Hector Botello, Robert Caturegli, & Jerry Maya)


Founding of DIA

This professional organization was founded with several goals including the advancement of the science of defense investigation, promote the administration of justice and the public good, and establish and maintain closer and more effective relationships between members.  Check out below for a video message from one of DIA’s Founders Harry Guyton

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Check out some historically important meeting minutes by clicking on the logos below:



The Defense Investigator Association (DIA not cdia) was founded in 1966 and  non-profit articles of incorporation were filed in February of 1969.

Creation of D.I.T.a.


Conceived and first planned out by LaWanda Lyons-Pruit, Jean & Scott Dittmyer, this Academy has been going strong over 20 years!



Over 50 years of professional enrichment, networking, and the promotoin of investigative techniques has enriched DIA members. Here is a snapshot of where we were after 50 years.


Learning and Connecting

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