Membership Information


Pay One Year Membership Here-$40.00

Pay Two Year Membership Here-$75.00

If you wish to pay for more than one membership at a time via credit card, please have each applicant fill out an application, scan and email to  You will be sent a payment link to make all payments at once.


All credit card orders must be placed online via PayPal.  You may also download, print and fill out the application, then mail with a check to the address indicated on the application.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to a network of investigators via the on-line Membership Directory.
  • Receive discounts on training conferences and seminars.
  • Receive the DIAlog, our association newsletter.
  • Right to attend Board meetings and General membership meetings.
  • Active members may vote in Board elections.
  • Active members may run for and hold elected offices.
  • Associate members may attend meetings and other functions but not hold office or vote.

Active members are:

  • Any California Public Defender Investigator or Investigator Trainee.
  • Any Federal Public Defender Investigator, Investigator Trainee, or Assistant.

Associate Members are:

  • Private Investigators whose principle practice is Criminal Defense Investigations.
  • Public Defender Investigators and employees employed by agencies outside the State of California.
  • Criminal defense lawyers, paralegals, Interns

Membership Dues:

Membership dues are annual. Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. Dues are $40.00 for both Active and Associate Membership.

Membership fees are nonrefundable.